Auksinis Feniksas

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Kitoko Auksinis Feniksas ● National dog shows in Vilnius, Lithuania 2 x Best Puppy, BIS Puppy – 1 and BIS Puppy – 3!!! ● National dog shows in Kaunas, Lithuania 2 x Best Puppy!!  

Last weekend we participated in World Dog Show and Speciality shows that was held in Moscow, Russia. We went there with amazing company – Ana and Alex, Marina and Pavel and me. We took 3 dogs with us – Chacha and her kids Kitoko and Keira. The results were fantastic!!!  [ Read More ]

June 19 was the very first show for our new hope Kitoko Auksinis Feniksas! The judge was Julija Audietiene from Lithuania. Kitoko was only one baby in his class but the judge liked him very much and her words “Highest quality puppy” just pleased my heart!!! Kitoko Auksinis Feniksas –  [ Read More ]

I am very happy that all 9 puppies from Leo x Chacha litter has found their new home. I am sure that these puppies will be true family members <3 Kitoko AF – stays in co-ownership and lives in Kaunas, Lithuania Kenzo AF  - lives in Kaunas, Lithuania Kayan AF  [ Read More ]

Some new individual photos in PUPPIES page.

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Mahalin Maktaja Auksinis Feniksas “Chacha” shined brightly at 3 x CACIB shows in Druskininkai! Although it was so hot, about 40 C, she did wonderful job and get 3 x CAC, CACIB and BOS! Also, her clearances are: HD A, ED 0, Eyes Clear, DM clear by parentage, Blue Dilute  [ Read More ]

June Kora had 2 x CAC shows in our living city Kaunas. 1st day – CAC, N, BOB and BIG-1! 2nd day – CAC, N, BOB and BIG-2!!!   At the beginning of August we went to 2 x CAC dog shows in Tartu, Estonia. Like always, Kora showed herself  [ Read More ]

It’s been a long time since I updated this website. I use Facebook more often, so please visit my account time to time Mahalin Maktaja AF “Chacha” rocks rings as always!  March 21-22 Eurasia IDS in Russia – Chacha get excellent both days in a strong competition! April 18 –  [ Read More ]

I am very happy to announce, that Vetra or Leira Vėtra Auksinis Feniksas has found her forever home and she will live just 30 minutes away from us! Vetra means storm in english, so I believe, that it won’t be too boring living with her