Auksinis Feniksas

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Seems like it was yesterday. I remember everything – how I saw ridgeback for a first time, how we visited a local kennel, how we bought home our first ridgie… I remember every puppy that was born in my kennel. Eventhough I haven’t bred many litters I remember what was the weather on their birth day, what collor of ribbon they each had.

Auksinis Feniksas means Golden Phoenix. It symbolises eternal life, reborn from ashes. It means that all bad things that happened will not last long. Phoenix’s symbol is fire, which also is my zodiac sign Leo.

During those 10 years I experienced things that I will always regret. And things I will never forget. This hobby made me meet so many people, visit so many countries. Because of dogs I found friends with the same hobby.

I am not going to write how amazing my dogs are (because they are ;) ) and how many champion titles they have. Those who knows me, knows that dog shows are not important for me and I am not chasing champion titles.

So during those 10 years I have bred only 6 litters (9+6+3+9+1+9). I want to thank Yvette, Willemijn, Ewa,Raimonda, Steffi and Orit for letting me use their handsome males. But to whom I really want to say THANK YOU is all the puppy owners for taking care of them.

Couple of weeks ago we had a small kennel gathering and then I felt that those people are not just owners – they are my extended family. And they are the best, they gave me a wonderful present which you will see very soon.

I hope that this is just the beginning of our journey…

Some photos from kennel meeting:

dsc_9557 dsc_9473 dsc_9475 dsc_9481 dsc_9489 dsc_9492 dsc_9507 dsc_9526 dsc_9527 dsc_9535 dsc_9545 dsc_9547