Auksinis Feniksas

Rhodesian Ridgebacks


    On 16 th of June Kora gifted us 7 beautiful puppies - 4 males and 3 females. We are incredibly happy :) More info you can find HERE

  • Brand new BALTIC Junior Champions!

    February 2017. Dog show in Panevezys, Lithuania. 1st day - Kitoko was Best Junior and Best of Breed Keira was Exc.2 although judge liked her very much, but she was jumping all the way :-) 2nd day - me and Kitoko decided to rest ;-) Keira was Excellent 1 with JCAC and then Best of Sex! Both puppies closed their LT, LV, EST and BALTIC ...

  • BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

    February 4th - the day I will always remember!! I was thinking about it since I started going to dog shows and it finally happened... We went to Valga dog shows in Estonia with Kito and Keira. Keira was Excellent 1 on the first day and Best of Sex on the second day. But it was Kitoko's day.... I have never ...

  • New Latvian Junior Champions

    January 21st - National dog show in Daugavpils where our youngsters became Latvian Junior Champions!!! Keira was Best Junior Bitch with JCAC and Kitoko - Best Junior, Best of Breed and finally Best in Group-3!!

  • Champion of Champions

    January 2017 - time for Champion of Champions Gala, where only 30 best champion dogs were selected. As always, Chacha writes history as being the first lithuanian Rhodesian ridgeback who attended this prestigous show :-) she was selected into TOP 16 and I am so proud of her!!!

My name is Šarūnė Kairytė


and I live in small town of Lithuania called Utena.


Since I remember myself, I always wanted to own a dog. I started researching the breeds, and then contacted some breeders of a few breeds that I liked the most. And so began my journey to the dog world.


Let me tell you how I fell in love with Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I subscribed to a Lithuanian dog magazine, and one day I received an issue with a Rhodesian Ridgeback on the cover! It was love at first sight. The magazine briefly told me about the breed, and it also provided a brief history of then the only RR breeder in Lithuania. As I read that article, I know that I wanted to know much more about this amazing breed, and that my research has just begun. Few months went by till I had an opportunity to visit the Lithuanian RR kennel and to meet some ridgebacks in person. I truly liked what I saw. Later we went to a dog show in Latvia with hopes to see local ridgebacks there. And that is where I met Sindi – a very nice and very pregnant girl at that time. We instantly decided that we wanted a puppy from her, and it was settled. Two months later, in February 2005, we finally brought home our little ridgeback girl named Neila. Finally our home was complete.



Since then my life revolves around ridgebacks. They truly have become a big part of life. After some years of living with Neila, I decided that it’s time to have puppies. We went to Holland to mate her to a very beautiful male Ceasar van de Jack Bulls Hoeve. In 2007 05 04 Neila gave birth to the first Auksinis Feniksas’ litter, which consisted of 9 puppies – MumbyTrevorChicoMėtaZimbaIsis, Vogue, Karry and Diksey.


I believe that this is just the beginning of my journey in the ridgeback world, and I cannot hardly wait to find out what the future holds!